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reromanus Loudspeaker-Literature-Service

Welcome, dear audiophile wanderer,

This little database of my audio literature collection is the summary of my scientific work of the past nearly 50 years.
It contains papers, articles and books on all relevant audio subjects.
Right now it contains about 1400 entries. It will be updated permanently in the time coming.

The listing is not at all complete, because it mainly reflects my main audio interests, which are electrostatic loudspeakers,  horn loudspeakers, aktive cross-overs, sub-woofer and all kind of bass cabinet designs like closed box, bass-reflex and even Karlson-Coupler. 

Right now this site is not enabled to accept orders. But all items are present in my private library and can be prepared for download very quickly for your individual purpose.
If you try to order by the checkout procedure of this site, your order will not be accepted. But you are invited to contact me by eMail.

Good luck for your audio literature research work. Hopefully we can help you, despite the fact, that the categories do net yet fit my database intentions.

Yours sincerely

Reiner E. Römer
Mail: roemer_lit(att)