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CHAPTER>  How to drive an electrostatic loudspeaker

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  • Stepup transformer for ESLs

There are four types available.

Two original surface mounted ones and one encapsulated PCB version. All are of the MHT type. That means they can be used down to 500 Hz. And there is on HT version, which can be used down to 1000Hz


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  • OTL Tube-Amps

There are two versions of the Shackman Reromanus OTL amps.

The V-Type-MHT and the V-type WR. Both vary in power/voltage output and usable lower cut-off frequency. That does not exclude the use of the V-Type.Wr for the use of an MHT. type panel. In the opposite, doing this choice, it will even more improve the performance of an MHT type panel. 

These amps are available ready to go or as kits. The kits are available wit or without PCB or transformer.

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  • Transistor Amp

The OTL high voltage transistor amplifier delivers enough voltage to drive an ESL tweeter down to 800Hz. This one has bee published in the ELRAD journal together with a Harbeth transmission line enclosure.

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  • EHT High Voltage supply

There are various special high voltage components of very high quality available for building your polarisation voltage. The quality is very important for the reliability of an electrostatic speaker. Especially diodes  and capacitors must be of special high voltage types. We do have military quality in our stocks.


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  Encapsulated MHT stepup transformer

V-type MHT on PCB


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