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  • Everything for building your very own ESL panel

You need special foil, which is adequate for being used as diaphragm material in an electrostatic loudspeaker. There are various types and thicknesses available.

And you need coating liquid to establish the high-ohmic surface resistivity of the diaphragm.

The Shackman reromanus PA-Coating  for all kinds of ESL diaphragms. Stable, sure and reliable "forever", up to 10^11 Ohms  surface resistance for all polarisation/bias  voltages. There is second type available for surface resisitivities up to 10^9 Ohms

For more information see our catalogue site or the esl-repair site with the appropriate informations on DIY repair of ESLs


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  •  Yes,  it is possible, DIY the original Shackman ESL 85

Here you can find the appropriate items, which are needed to build the original Dynastat electrostatic panels of Alex Shackman. They used to be used as upgrading tweeters for several other complete loudspeakers, including the Quad ESL-57.

Mainly, you need the special stators, diaphragm, isolation film and distance items for that goal.


For more information see our catalogue site or the esl-repair site with informations on building an ESL loudspeaker


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  • ESL DIY specialities

You will need special items like cable, connectors, glue, tapes and so on, which suits the requirements of an electrostatic speaker

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