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  • The SHACKMAN ESL-MHT/85 Electrostatic Tweeter

The Shackman electrostatic speakers in its classical form of the ESL-MHT/85 line, built 1978 -1993,  are again available. But in a certain limited number as  "Refurbished" versions.

Refurbished in that context means, the panels are completly rebuilt from old ones. New technology and new construction details make them like new   

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  •  Shackman ESL-WR

The new WR-type ESL (WR=wide range) is usable down to 300Hz and its construction principle is like that one of the classic MHT types.

Its high efficiency makes the speaker useful for applications with e,g. Podszus Görlich bass drivers or other high efficiency speakers in a non-active x-over solution.


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  • ESLAB-1500-98 Barker

The new ESLs of the ESLAB type combine all modern technology and knowledge of ESL design.

Especially the Barker version is a jewel in sophisticated speaker design 

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