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Radford reromanus OTL amolifier

Thinking Physics to its End  

Finely crafted, hand made Electrostatics since 60 years,
Enjoy the difference

Unveiled and available  technology from 60 years ago.... or ahead.


Shackman MHT85 ESL tweeter DIY kit


Thank you for coming along to  the Shackman info pages.

  What are your advantages by surfing through SHACKMAN pages?

  • Shackman products are highly sophisticated and with proven longevity. You will profit from our technical knowledge and our musical competence

  • You will find very new approaches to the design of electrostatic loudspeaker panels, for example Barker coded diaphragm load.

  • Some aspects of advantages of reromanus hybrid ESL solutions over the full range ESL types.

  • The use of bass horns for bass in hybrids and the use of Podszus-Görlich drivers in hybrids.

 What will you find on the SHACKMAN pages?

  • The classic Shackman ESL tweeter panel

  • New versions of the Shackman panel

  • The new ESLAB Barker coded panel

  • Special High voltage OTL tube amps

  • Diy electrostatic panels and complete speaker kits

  • Refurbishing of ESL like B+W DM70 and ribbons like Decca Kelly

  • Special horn and ESL loudspeaker literature bibliography

 What will not be found on SHACKMAN pages?

  • You won't find anything on ESL or loudspeaker theory, except a listing of special literature on ESLs and bass horns.

  • Neither you will find technological background informations on how to build your very own electrostatic panel, except some hints on using coating, stretching diaphragms and driving your ESL.

  • Any complete schematics or diagrams for DIY kits.

  Please have fun by navigating  through the Shackman info pages But please remember, that this site is still under construction..


We will be proud to answer all your questions immediately

Please mail to:


The new Shackman ESLAB-2020, "framed" version black/silver

Latest News

reromanus reinstalled the loudspeaker literature database to the platform

R.A.E. Römer Audio Engineering just had thre 43 years festivities

1975 during university time in Aachen, R.A.E. GmbH has been founded in Stolberg, Haumühle.

Shackman Dynastat became 70 years old

After a couple of years of experimenting with electrostatic speaker the Shackman brothers from Barnet founded the DYnastat company.

Shackman brought the new ESL type-WR to public

The new WR type ESL (Wide Range)  came during a presentation in Cologne to the market. The new type can be used down to 300 Hz.

Shackman brought the new  ESLAB type to public

The new WR type ESL (Wide Range)  came during a presentation in Cologne to the market. The new type can be used down to 300 Hz.










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