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Reiner E. Römer

Oberhausen, Germany

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CHAPTER >   DIY ESL, parts and utilitilies  

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  • Tools for building your very own ESL panel

  •  Foil

The stock of  SHACKMAN  diaphragm types  "On the roll", One pair of panels is about to be stretched simultaneously. A microphone is controlling the overall resonance frequency of the stretching system, including counterweights and stretching weights.


  • Coating

The sensational brand new  MOP-bi-activated PA-Coating  for all kinds of ESL diaphragms. Stable, sure and reliable "for ever" up to 10^11 Ohms ideal surface resistance for all polarisation voltages

Shackman Liquid PMAA2.5

  • Gluing    

Probably the best adhesive for gluing Polypropylene and Polyethylene. The brand-new  reromanus PMU-2019.  The best one, we ever had in hands. For more information see our catalogue site

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Shackman Liquid PMAA2.5







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