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Masking for coating procedure



The "Know-How-To"

Bowers & Wilkins DM70 Refresh/Repair/Upgrade Service

The ESL units of the classic Bowers & Wilkins  DM70 (B&W) can be fixed and "refurbished".

Because of today's modern glues, technical foils and the better know-how on high-ohmic everlasting conductive coating liquids, the refurbishing will result in an even better and more reliable loudspeaker, than it has been before in its original version.

Prices depend on time spent. No costs for checking except shipping. Best and  lasting results guarantied. The approximately 350€ - 450€ will pay off.

N.B. For easily understandable reasons, always both units have to be repaired.

Or go directly to our special  loudspeaker-repair-service 



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The classic Shackman after upgrading


















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