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Reiner E. Römer

Oberhausen, Germany

Fn: +49 208 6351070

Fx: +49 208 6351071

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Decca Kelly

Finally again available

  DECCA London /DECCA Kelly   Spare Ribbons

We deliver and do service on all Decca Kelly ribbon loudspeakers.
Decca-London as well as DK30 can be fixed and refurbished.

We offer service for changing the ribbons, if you are not able to do that yourself.

More info on repair and spares on our special repair site.


Original 8" spare drivers and crossovers are available as well for the famous DECCA-London complete loudspeakers. See photo below.

Please ask for availabilities and quotes here Decca Info

More info on repair and spares on our special repair site.

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